Friday, January 24, 2014

Leaders Wanted, my new book title

I finished writing a new book manuscript, titled Leaders Wanted: The Power of Influence, Professional Behavior and Moral Leadership.  The cover looks incredible.  Thanks, Kate!

Right now, Colonel Steven R. (Randy) Watt is reviewing the manuscript.  I asked him to write the foreword.

Leaders Wanted will be available very soon on Amazon.  It should be available before March.
is now available on Amazon:

So, what defines a leader?

This morning I was reading and came across the following quotation by the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower that is worth quoting here:

“Any man who does his work well, who is justifiably self-confident and not unduly disturbed by the jeers of the cynics and the shirkers, any man who stays true to decent motives and is considerate of others is, in essence, a leader. Whether or not he is ever singled out for prominence, he is bound to achieve great inner satisfaction in turning out superior work.
“And that, by the way, is what the good Lord put us on this earth for.” (“What Is Leadership?” Reader’s Digest, June 1965, p. 54.)