Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ten Principles of Quality Leadership

Ten Principles of Quality Leadership
by Jeffrey Denning
  1. Do the best you can do and then do a little better. 
  2. Do what’s right legally and ethically, even when no one is looking. 
  3. Be honest; never do anything that would sever the trust you have with your team, family or organization. Ensure integrity comes before loyalty.
  4. Find and do things that edify and uplift; avoid things that plague, destroy and waste time. 
  5. Treat others with kindness, approbation and praise more than chiding and scolding; it’s the best way to motivate others. 
  6. Your private life comes with you to work, so embrace and encourage individual development; keep your affairs in order, maintain health and personal harmony; help others to meet that goal.
  7. Conduct formal and informal organizational and personal introspections often to avoid falling into bad habits; take suggestions from new individuals seriously as they have fresh perspectives.
  8. Remember: an optimistic attitude is your best asset. 
  9. Don’t major in the minors; focus on what’s most important.
  10. Put people in positions that they enjoy; let them exploit their talents and interests and they will excel.