Monday, January 18, 2010

Federal Air Marshal Problems...Again

Stay tuned, there are plenty of problems with government managers. EEO complaints, retaliation, etc.

It's pretty sad there are unethical, unfair and cruel people. What's worse is when those kinds of people become managers of others. Bullies, tyrants and power mongers destroy teams and collapse teamwork. On a macro-level, bullies who've lusted for power and control have run totalitarian regimes. Tyrants have killed in order to preserve their own evil deeds or maintain their own fiefdoms.

On a micro-level, is difficult for anyone who works for those types of people. I know the feeling well. Those types of individuals exist in every organization. But it was my time spent in the Federal Air Marshal Service, that solidified what I would title a forthcoming book I'd write. Two simple, but powerful words: Leaders Wanted.

Saving Lives...A Must Watch Video!

A must watch video. Ollie North talks about the troops. Despite the things you wake up and consider today on this great holiday, we're still at war...a xenophobic, racially biased war as well as a war against flesh and blood.

God grant each of us more compassion, patience and love. Only through charity, the pure love of Christ, can wars cease and fighting end. But charity cannot be one-sided.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obama Wants More Air Marshals ASAP

This won't help. The Federal Air Marshal Service did a disservice from the get-go. Air marshals don't have the tactical advantage. They are the last option. They must rely on folks like the TSA. While there are good people in every organization, I was perpetually worried that I had to rely on the TSA to watch my back.

More planes will get blown apart. It's just a matter of time.

9th Circuit and Oregon Judicial Appellate are CRAZY

Yes, the 9th Circuit is a bit different. As far as Oregon goes, well, I received the following email today:

This makes things very interesting in the State of Oregon.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (Portland Metro) recently sent
out a memo regarding a resisting case (State v. Oliphant) and the
affect on Oregon law enforcement. In essence the ruling says:

"An arrestee may defend himself against a police officer's use or
imminent use of force if the arrestee believes, as much as a reasonable
person in his position would believe, that the officer's use or
imminent use of force exceeds the force reasonably necessary to make
the arrest.

Oregon effectively is now the only state that gives a suspect charged
with Resisting Arrest (ORS 162.315) an affirmative defense that they
were defending themselves against what they reasonably believed was an
actual or imminent unlawful use of force by a Police Officer.
Accompanying charges including Assault on a Public Safety Officer will
likely be dismissed if the argument stands."

It is sometimes fun to be a cop in Oregon.or the 9th Circuit for that
matter. The full case can be viewed at the below link:

Later, after I posted this, a buddy wrote:

If you can open it has in one of the paragraphs that a person has the right to resist a unlawful arrest.

State v. Brannon - resisting arrest first requires an arrest :: South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goverment Power

When the government fears the people, you have liberty; when the people fear the government, you have tyranny.

—Thomas Jefferson