Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Iraq

Ummm, homemade rolls, homemade desserts, anything homemade. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Family gathers together to laugh and play—and eat. I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in a few seasons, but today, I’m not sad. No, I’m grateful. Grateful that the big suicide car bomb here that was reported in the news today didn’t kill more people; grateful that while there isn’t peace in the Middle East, there are a lot of peaceful areas; grateful that people love me and that I love people, my family especially.

I’m thankful when the showers work and the power stays on all day. Even though the water isn’t that warm and it’s not clean enough to drink, at least we have water to shower in! I’m glad that I don’t see more mice than I do in my room—at least I have a room. And, ou, I love it that the fleas have stopped biting since we got new mattresses.

It’s wonderful that no one in our unit has died or been seriously injured here in combat. There have been some accidents, very serious ones. There have been plenty of explosions that have given soldiers concussions, bumps, bruises and lacerations, but no one has been seriously injured or killed thanks in large part to the ultra-heavy-duty armored vehicles.

Oddly, one of the greatest things is to have clean, laundered uniforms and to be able to change from camouflage to my physical training (PT) gear. Wow, what a nice thing to wear something different.

Alas, while the food in the chow hall isn’t homemade and sometime tastes like slop, at least I have food. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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