Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Case Law and People's Will Destroying Families

A federal appeals court ruled in February that [Massachusetts] can deny parents the right to remove their second-graders from classes that required reading books such as King and King, which is about two princes marrying.

That was from an article I read last week in USA Today. It caused the hairs on my neck to rise!

Interestingly, and thankfully, the gay marriage ban in California, known as Proposition 8, passed, according to the LA Times. It's a sign of tragedy, however, that the numbers were so close: 52% to 48%.

A close and trusted friend of mine rebutted my opinion by saying that one of his closest friends is a lesbian who lives in Mass. I have met and worked with several people of the gay and lesbian community, but I do not believe that the minority should rule. Most importantly, family is what matters most. The family -- a mother, a father and children -- is the fundamental unit of society and it should be strengthened as such.

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Mario Mirarchi said...

Good post Jeffrey. The "gay Marriage" movement is a sign of the moral confusion of our times. Kudos to the LDS Church leaders who stepped up to the plate in California.