Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mountain Vision

A few years ago I met Jeff Evans on a flight. He was on his way to entertain a few crowds with his amazing story-telling ability. Jeff and I had a lot of things in common. I admired him and was intrigued by the incredible things he did, most notability leading a blind man to the summit of Mount Everest. His book, Mountain Vision: Lessons Beyond the Summit, is a must read for all. I just sent two copies of the book to a couple of friends.

I've given away nearly a dozen of his books to date. The last person who I gave a copy of the book to said she was going to buy a copy to send to each of her children. Don't miss Mountain Vision. His videos are incredible too. By the way, he just teamed up with Franklin-Covey to offer terrific leadership anecdotes to many, many people.

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