Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do Little Boys Ever Really Take Showers?

One of my boys recently turned 9. My wife said she caught him today wearing the same undershirt to school (and to bed) for several days in a row. "Disgusting boys!" she said.

Funny, he told me something really sneaky the other day, "Pssst... Dad, if mom ever makes you take a shower..." Just that sentence alone made me chuckle on the inside from his perspective. "...If mom ever makes you take a shower, you can just take off all your clothes, wrap yourself in a towel and put a little water on your hair from the sink. She'll never know."

Kids are great, and sometimes little boys can get a bit smelly. Big boys can too. Fortunately, I like to take showers--and use soap!

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Island Roys said...

That's so funny! I can totally see your boy saying that! Mine, of course, likes to take showers, for now, so I hope that continues. I do find their perspective very funny, most of the time.