Monday, January 18, 2010

Federal Air Marshal Problems...Again

Stay tuned, there are plenty of problems with government managers. EEO complaints, retaliation, etc.

It's pretty sad there are unethical, unfair and cruel people. What's worse is when those kinds of people become managers of others. Bullies, tyrants and power mongers destroy teams and collapse teamwork. On a macro-level, bullies who've lusted for power and control have run totalitarian regimes. Tyrants have killed in order to preserve their own evil deeds or maintain their own fiefdoms.

On a micro-level, is difficult for anyone who works for those types of people. I know the feeling well. Those types of individuals exist in every organization. But it was my time spent in the Federal Air Marshal Service, that solidified what I would title a forthcoming book I'd write. Two simple, but powerful words: Leaders Wanted.

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