Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend, Military Warriors, Politics, and Freedom

Part of a note I wrote to some friends of mine today...

My buddy just sent me a note today. He came home from Afghanistan with the Army Special Forces. One of his teammates (John Masson) came home a few months earlier than he did after stepping on a land mine and losing both of his legs and an arm. I can't imagine his kids or my kids not being FREE.

Now, in my rambling, in between changing poopy diapers and setting the trampoline up for the kids after having it up for the winter, I could go on and on about other (things), but I won't.

May I just say this: I know God lives. One evidence of this is the wise and God-fearing men He raised up to pronounce a Declaration of Independence, to create a beloved U.S. Constitution, and establish this blessed land which we call America, for their children and ours. America's Founding Fathers were not simply men who got together at a critical and pivotal time on this continent; they were led and inspired by God to grant us freedom and liberty by law.

I've stood atop Pike's Peak in Colorado where the words for "America the beautiful" were inspired.

I've stood in the melancholy fields of Gettysburg and have wept at man's inhumanity to man.

I've walked by the dark iron gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and have pondered what will come of the United States.

I've walked in the garden, the beautiful garden of Gethsemane, made sacred two millennia ago. I've stood at the empty tomb and pondered the impossible. It seems right to mention such a thing today, given it's Easter weekend.

This much I know, and doubt not: Nothing is impossible with God.

We are at a great and terrible place in history. The tide of immorality wages and the land is being crushed from the inside by diabolical politicians and lovers of their own selves rather than lovers of God, to paraphrase the Apostle Paul.

We are facing a crippling debt so enormous in scale and so horrific in size that nothing seems possible to fix that ailing balloon ready to pop and turn into a second great depression. I worry for my children and for the financial interests of all Americans.

I worry about tyranny in the government as the government grows larger, seeking more control; I worry about the people's voices as well as their votes, particularly those who seek a permanent dole and who don't care about liberty, thrift or hard work.

Yet, I am optimistic in that the good and honorable men like you will help -- and have helped -- do your part in keeping America great and free.

God bless you all. I'm glad to call you my friends and brothers.

Jeffrey Denning


C.E. Salima said...

Great post, Jeffrey. Thank you so much for your unique perspective on what we are facing is fascinating. Big fan as always.


"Doc Adler" said...

This is not the first time (and it won't be the last) when the toughness of our testimonies of the truth will be tried and tested. If this is any comfort, know that you are not alone, and other people of good will would have the courage and resolve to stand with you.