Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Christmas Wish - Help the Children

Recently, I wrote an article for an online Guns magazine where I'm a paid freelancer.  I wrote a Christmas wish list.  I thought it would be worth it to share just one of them:

Help Shield Our Children

Please spare the children from violence.  Help them not witness it.  Keep them from its awful grasp, so that they can grow up seeing the good.  Too many suffer.  Too many children have been brutalized by evil people. Help justice to be done in behalf of these innocent victims of horrific crimes.  Help mediators and the justice system speak out for those little ones whose voices are not yet developed and whose tongues have not yet been loosed.
Help the laws against sexual predators and evil people be enforced with sternness.  And, help those who must witness the abuses in order to prosecute such evils, have peace, especially the victims.

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