Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The World’s Police

A hop, skip and a very large jump (over Iran) from here, a few of my buddies are operating in the bitter cold and ultra-high climate of Afghanistan.

Here’s the news from that country:

A 16-year-old Afghan girl was severely beaten by her 40-year-old husband on Christmas Day. They were married three months and now he is on the lam. This abuser broke 16 of his wife’s teeth, shaved her head, cut off her nose and ears and poured scalding water on her hands and feet. (Source: Stars and Stripes, Mideast Ed. “Government, U.S. troops rally to help Afghan girl,” January 30, 2008, 7.)

A large majority of my friends are or have been in law enforcement as well as in the military. Many of those are in private security, operating under the umbrella of some government entity. The others are in special ops—some of which ‘hate’ the police and have never been in law enforcement, subsequently.

A buddy of mine who’s now the team leader for a Special Forces Operational Detachment operating in Africa (AFRICOM) and battling the threats there told me before I came here to Iraq that I need to basically run operations like a cop with attitude—and bigger guns. As a former SWAT team leader, that comes rather naturally. Basically, we’re a conglomeration of the world’s police, hunting down bad guys who do harm to others—terrorists and criminals alike.

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