Friday, February 8, 2008

Amoris Extremis

It's nearly Valentine's Day and I'm in love - big time. Over the past year to date, I've been living and working outside my own home and away from my sweetheart whom I asked to marry me on Valentine's Day ten years ago. So I'm experiencing something I'd call frustration attraction, a deep longing sensation of wanting to be near her.

The nostalgic winds take me back to the beginning. I remember seeing her from across the room. She wore a radiant smile. I stared. And, despite the guy she stood next to, I walked up and introduced myself.

From the time of our intoxicating first kiss and for several months thereafter, I experienced the thrills of love sickness or falling in love, or what the French refer to as le coup de foudre - literally translated as the "lightening bolt."

But as one tenured and experienced man put it, "one comes to realize very soon after marriage that the spouse has weaknesses not previously revealed or discovered." (Spencer W. Kimball, Teachings of Presidents of the Church, 2006, 196.) Such a time further revealed what I recall reading as a lad when one woman painfully put it, marriage is not all "bliss and hollyhocks."

My wife has jokingly said - no doubt to try to console her in the fact that I've traveled abroad far too many years - that we have a successful marriage because we never get to see each other. Sad, isn't it? Yet humor, like sex, adds to the spice of life, love and marriage.

Alas, Mi Amor, my love, with this Valentine's blog let me say, thank you for looking past my faults; thank you for adding joy, humor, wit, devotion, tenacity and love in all its forms to my life. Thank you for giving me our beautiful children and for staying by my side through thick and thin...and even war.

Until our eyes gaze upon each other again and I can hold you in my arms once more, A rivederci my love, good-bye.

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