Friday, June 13, 2008

Brotherhood of Warriors

Aaron Cohen and I met a few years ago after an introduction from a friend. He and I immediately had a lot in common and a lot to discuss when I went to visit him in Los Angeles.

As a former Israeli special operations warrior and the owner of a private security business protecting celebrities in southern California, he appears regularly on the news as a consultant. He was on the news directly following the Virginia Tech shooting rampage, and he called me later that evening to discuss police tactics. Aaron’s good-to-go.

Tonight Aaron was scheduled to be on CNN’s Larry King Live, but Tim Russert passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Russert family and to his friends at this difficult time.

Sometime in the near future, Aaron will be interviewed by Larry King to discuss his new book, Brotherhood of Warriors: Behind Enemy Lines with a Commando in One of the World’s Most Elite Counterterrorism Units. I’ll be watching for it. So should you.

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Anonymous said...

This book gives you the "RABAK" when you read it. Its the the most interesting and motivating book I've read. Cohen is a true warrior that has the "Srita" of most Israelis who are in the special forces. it's raw in gripping.