Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Please Remove Your Shoes"

I smashed my head against the stair rail putting away my duffle bags. The bags I’ve been living out of for the last year in Iraq were put out of sight since my wife and I were interviewed for the documentary film, “Please Remove Your Shoes”, yesterday.

I shaved carefully that morning hoping to get a ‘clean shave’, but I managed to take a huge chunk of skin from my chin – funny, I haven’t done that in years! And, when I hit my head it left a giant bloody goose egg on my balding spot.

Despite my wounds which can likely be seen on camera, this film is bound to be one of great interest to a host of people – not because I might be seen for a few seconds in it, but because of the great line-up of people interviewed both before and after me, and because of the talent of the Producer and Associate Producer. I was honored to be interviewed and I wish the Gevalt’s all the best.

The website can be seen here:

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