Monday, February 2, 2009

My Hiatus & Wonder Woman

I haven't blogged for so long that I started out writing the word "September." Suffice it to say I can't stay away. I think about blogging all the time, like last week when I wanted to write about my infatuation with Wonder Woman. Linda Carter used to be my dream woman. But my wife is my Wonder Woman. She's simply amazing – my wife, that is. It's not her long, nice legs only. Nope, I really love how she cooks, cleans, and impresses me daily with keeping our five munchkins alive and well. For all I know she has some magic bracelets helping her out (note the kickback from the ballistic shields from the epic saga of the original Wonder Woman.)

Mostly I remember blogging because people comment on my old posts. I've gotten a lot of strangers comment. The PR manager from the Ontario Canada Police Department wrote and asked if she could have their Chief quote something I wrote. Today a motivational speaker from England wrote a kindly comment on my Rotten Attitude blog.

My rib has been hurting. It's the same rib my buddy Johnny broke years ago. He was killed in Iraq…and I blogged on it.

Blogging for the Washington Times was fun, but I couldn't keep up with the pace – the cost/benefit didn't pan out for me, so I kindly dismissed myself. Shoot, I can't even keep this blog up, but I've had a few friends call and ask me why I haven't written in a while.

Well, between watching Tevo-ed episodes of "24" instead of sleeping (what can I say, I'm a big fan), changing dirty diapers, picking up prescriptions for the Pink Eye that's hit all my girls, having battles with our lame VOIP (that Internet phone really stinks), and working, I have very little time. In fact, I've been doing so much lately, that I don't have time to write it all. Yes, I finally bought a planner!

…and, I finished my paper for the Just War Theory Project. I titled it "To Save Lives" – The Dichotomy of Killing in Order to Save.

PS I don't have time tonight to proof-read this blog, catch up with all my old friends on Facebook, or prepare a speech I'm giving next week.

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