Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Government's at it Again--More Stupid Spending, More Programs Leading America to Bankruptcy!

According to a Time news article, last year, a federal program paid out $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of 12.5 million wireless accounts. The program, overseen by the FCC and intended to help low-income Americans, is popular for obvious reasons, with participation rising steeply since 2008, when the government paid $772 million for phones and monthly bills. But observers complain that the program suffers from poor oversight, in which phones go to people who don't qualify, and hundreds of thousands of those who do qualify have more than one phone.

How did such a frivolous program get funded in the first place?! Who would have agreed to spend tax payer money that way? It's foolish and wasteful.

Here's a word to the Capital Hill legislators: With all the money the federal government TAKES from me, by law and force, I EXPECT these funds to be used more wisely...for the defense and security of the nation, NOT to bail out big corporations, inept on their own financial oversight, or give so-called low-income Americans foolish and unnecessary handouts!! If they can't afford a cell phone or the payments, they don't need one. Period.

Stop digging us deeper and deeper into debt. I'm sick and tired of it.

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