Monday, May 26, 2008


“We would rather do business with 1,000 al Qaeda terrorists than with 1 single American Soldier.”

According to a forwarded email I received not long ago, that sign is displayed in the window of a business in Pennsylvania. Who would dare post such a sign? Apparently it’s a note on the window of a funeral home.

I suppose that’s a bit flippant, considering this holiday weekend, but if we didn’t laugh we’d cry all the time.

Is it okay to wish someone a “Happy” Memorial Day considering it revolves around death?

I met a mortician once in the early 90s. I was shocked that he didn’t look like someone from the Adam’s Family. He didn’t dress in all black and he didn’t have a gloomy expression on his face or walk around sanctimonious and somber. He was married and had children. Odd, isn’t it? And, he actually spoke. In fact, he was so friendly and seemingly ‘normal’ that I wondered if he actually liked people – living people, I mean.

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