Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Off hand I can think of a half dozen female friends of mine who have not ever been able to have children. In addition, several of my family members were unable to have children. My uncles and aunts have adopted children and so has one brother and a sister of mine.

We have a multitude of adopted family member with a diverse background: Chinese, Korean, Tongan, African American and a handful of Anglo Americans. One nephew is of Hispanic heritage.

Today is Mother's Day. My gratitude is elevated today, not just for my mother and my wife, the mother of our children, but for women in general.

There aren't many women in the military service so I've been largely bereft of their association. There is something wonderful about the innate nurturing kindness of women. So, this Mother's Day I thank all the good, tender-hearted women in the world -- those with children and those without. Life would surely be terrible without women adding joy and balance to the life of man.

For that I'll end with a poem of unknown origin:

Woman was created from man
Not from his head to be ruled over
Not from his feet to be trodden under
But from his rib to be equal,
Under his arm to be protected,
Near his heart to be loved.

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