Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sick and Afflicted

Yesterday when I called home, our friend Svetlana was visiting my wife in our home. I asked how her husband Arvydas was doing. "Not well," was the response.

I remember when Arvydas injured his hand and then was diagnosed with a rare, debilitating disease. When I last saw him he had developed deep, dark brown spots all over his face. He had changed so dramatically that even I was shocked to see him. I also knew that the disease was taking a crippling toll on him socially and emotionally. Although I have sent his family an occasional email, now and again, I did not know of his dire situation until yesterday. My wife and I plan to donate some money for the upcoming charity dinner held in his behalf. Please visit the following website that someone made in his behalf. http://www.arvydas.info/

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