Saturday, April 19, 2008

Airport Security

I'm not sure who the "Happy" gentleman from Utah is who left a comment on my last blog. Nor do I know how he found my blog, though I'm curious.

I went to his blog and found myself laughing and feeling his frustration too. He wrote something on his experience at the Salt Lake City airport recently. His blog read, in part:

..."Daddy, why is this line so long?" My 7-year-old asked.

"Because security is ridiculous," I answered.

Disapproving glares were shot at me from all sides...

I am suddenly an advocate of the bullet-train.

I couldn't agree more. You're automatically a friend of mine, Mr. Happyback and 'Thwarter of Evil.' LOL.

See his "Protecting Our Skies" blog, HERE.

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Anonymous said...

My first thought was - when is our government going to catch on? Then the real question came to my mind. When we as a people going to catch on to the bungling and stupidity we allow in our leaders. It is reported that the Democrats will spend over $500,000,000 to elect their person to the Presidency. Ask your self. Why would someone spend that much money to get a job that pays I think it is $250,000? When we finally wish up and DEMAND a better government we will all live better. Until then, we are stuck with the stupidity we are getting.