Sunday, April 27, 2008

Suffering Thru Life's Sand Storms

I was reminded of The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston as I walked out of the Chapel today. The sand was a thick, orange haze. It was like the dense, destroying angel-scene in the classic movie -- a cloud of hell, so to speak.

I really enjoy church. As a kid I remember walking to church by myself. There's something refreshing about it. It's rejuvenating.

Last night I read several chapters in the Bible, then I attempted to imitate my great-great-great Grandfather, Parley P. Pratt, who was a remarkable poet and author. Here's the first poem I remember writing since the sixth grade or thereabout. As my disclaimer to any accusations of plagiarism, I believe four lines are borrowed from two other writing's I read years ago.

When the world is pressing you down a bit
And all you want to do it quit;
When the odds are against you
And the chances are high o
f you failing
Don't give up!

When no one seems to be your friend
When troubles and woes you can't mend
Don't give in!

Life can be hard with its twists and turns
As everyone of us at one time learns
But there is one place to go, you know
Where peace of plenty can be sewn.

In the quiet columns and rows
Books and books stacked top and toe;
There you'll find options not a few
Of people and pundits and their views.

But it's not the library, you see,
Nor the virtual university
Where peace and comfort you will find,
Nor is it only in your mind.

No, the lesson, my friend, is old but true
It's which voice you will listen to.
Millions and millions do contend
That they hold the key for your heart to mend.

While some may be wise and honest and good,
Others will leave you, as they should.
Turn to the scriptures and you will find
Tranquility, answers and peace of mind.

The words of God to holy men,
Those you read and there you'll find
Help and comfort to ease your mind,
Answers to struggles -- yours and mine.

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