Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rapper Snoop Dogg -- Anyone Can Change

April Fool's. The joke is on me.

I've had to edit this post and I apologize. That picture is fake, and the story here: is NOT the real CNN. I really fell for that one. Someone got me good. I don't think it's very funny though. I do not trifle with sacred things, and my religion and The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is sacred to me. Besides, "Mr. Dogg" could probably sue for character defamation. I'm sure he'd like to keep his bad-boy image untainted, as it were. Nevertheless I'm reminded of what Dr. Robert Ornstein wrote in his book Healthy Pleasures.

When confronted with a threatening situation, animals have essentiall two choices: to flee or fight. Humans have a third alternative: to laugh.


Anonymous said...

I am right with you in being very happy about this...if true. Please note that a considerable portion of the article, including the picture, is based on an article posted by People on **1 April**. There is the distinct possibility that this is an elaborate April Fool's Joke. I hope not, but the cynic on my shoulder can't stop whispering that it is.

Herb said...

It is funny...pretty good fake picture. When I read the original email, I thought it was real. I don't know why I would fall for it either.