Thursday, April 10, 2008

Teamwork and Communication

I recently read that it is estimated that stress costs American businesses $300 billion a year in lost productivity, insurance costs, and turnover.

I believe that there are numerous ways to beat stress. Among the first things that must be recognized by leaders in any industry or organization is that while the mission (or in corporate terms, the bottom-line) is critically important, the mission cannot come before the people. People matter most. Without people -- without healthy, productive employees -- the mission will fail.

I've designed and have taught multiple courses on healthy Interpersonal Communication and Teamwork. Without these essential and integral components, nothing can be accomplished. With with them, however, there is nothing that we cannot do. Likely with this in mind, the famed Roman Poet, Horace, wrote, "Nil mortalibus arduum est." (Nothing is too difficult for mortals to accomplish.) But I would add only if wisely led.

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