Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Best Christmas Ever

I actually had Christmas early. My wife and I are quite spontaneous. While chatting several days before the 25th, she suggested I open some of the presents she had sent as she watched over the webcam. I have to admit, the last time I was that excited for Christmas was when I still visited Santa at the mall. It was incredible.

All of the care packages, presents, letters, emails and e-cards from friends and family really made the whole month special. Chaplain Don, a friend who writes the spiritual note for Blackwater’s newsletter, took it upon himself to introduce me to a minister and traumatic stress management specialist when he read that my friend had died. She sent several copies of her adventure-action fictional book, Navajo Heat, which I was able to hand out to several soldiers. It was so nice of her.

It was so nice of EVERYONE. My close friends and family were so kind. They were lavish in their kindness. It’s amazing how wonderful their gifts were, especially with the gratitude I’ve experienced since living in such austere and remote conditions.

My dear friends George and Julie at TacView sent an enormous box. They didn’t do it for recognition or fanfare, but because they genuinely care. Not only does TacView have the very best SWAT and special ops tactical search cameras—I have one; I would know—but they are a wonderful company to work with. The quality of their products and their big hearts has made them leaders in the industry. …Let’s just say that Secret Santa was present in Iraq thanks to them. If I could only report on the incredible joy and comfort it brought to the several depressed hearts here, it would make everyone want to act as Cops for Christmas several times each year.

Christmas was a wonderful day. The gloominess of earlier days dissipated. The cooperation and kindness of co-workers increased. Love abounded.

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