Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Shopping for Bullets or Bombs?

One of the most fearful experiences of my life was a dream—if you can imagine that. I was 19-years-old and I awoke shaking terribly and sweating profusely. In a mall I had frequented in Bakersfield, California, a gunman evilly massacred dozens of innocent people. Additionally, he threw pipe bombs. I sat helplessly, unable to move. Oh, how I wished I had a gun. As a kid, I used to take my gun down the street and go shooting nearly everyday. Although I didn’t envision shooting a human being back then, I certainly had enough skill and confidence to know I could hit the madman.

The recent mall shooting comes as no surprise to me. I’m shocked there hasn’t been more of them—with more lethal and catastrophic effects. A couple of years ago there was a shooting in the mall I had dreamed about. An Islamic convert near Chicago planned on attacking a mall with grenades after Thanksgiving. Now, there’s this attack in Nebraska. Omaha residents won’t be comfortable shopping during the holidays for, perhaps, many years to come. 19-year-old Robert Hawkins joins the ranks of young assassins like Harris and Klebold. In a way their tactics reflects that of suicide terrorists; they feel the need to kill others because they are so dissatisfied with themselves.

Just ask my wife. I do not like to go near huge shopping centers, especially on the most crowded day of the year. It’s not because I’m scared; it’s because I am intimately aware of what human beings—the criminal and terrorists mind—can do. Consider this.

Columbus, Ohio is home to over 30,000 Somalis. Only Minneapolis has more. The Somalis are mostly Islamic, and if you consider Mogadishu in 1993 or the same city today, you’ll know they breed terrorists. Well, in recent years there has been an influx with Somalis in the Midwest attending truck driving school. Considering the power of a semi-tractor trailer truck bomb and the nexus of a predominately Islamic people, is that merely a coincidence? I think not.

A few years ago Somali native Nuradin Abdi conspired with a convicted al Qaeda member by the name of Iyman Faris, originally from Kashmir. The latter was an Ohio-based truck driver and is serving 20 years for plotting to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. Abdi, on the other hand, entered the U.S. through Canada. He told everyone he was going to do Hajj by visiting Mecca, but instead he attended an Ethiopian terrorist training camp. When he returned, he planned on using large amounts of explosives to massacre hundreds of shoppers in an unidentified mall in the Columbus area. And when, do you ask? The day after Thanksgiving when malls across America are most crowded. Good thing the government had his phones tapped, eh?

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