Monday, December 31, 2007

Q&A with Jeff

Q: What do you think of the assassination of Bhutto in Pakistan? In your opinion do you believe that this act of terrorism will set off the rest of the Mid-east? -- At least the parts that aren't already in revolt?

Retired Guns

A: Bhutto? I was not shocked, but I was completely saddened. They've tried to kill Musharraf before, but they hated Bhutto more. I think she would have won the election. Who knows what will happen in Pakistan now? Greater civil unrest and revolution is on the brink.

If you look at Lebanon, every few weeks another pro-Syrian entity is assassinating another pro-Western leader there. The al Qaeda philosophy seeks to cleanse their own countries of 'traitors', as they see them. As a priority over attacking Jews and Infidels, they want to rid themselves of any leader who will not rule under strict Sharia law.

The next two biggest 'traitor' threats to al Qaeda are the Sunni Sheikhs here in al Anbar and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Bin Laden's latest statement showed that he's losing in Iraq, specifically in al Anbar. What a wonderful blessing that is! Of course, Sheikh Sattar's brother is now in power. Sheikh Sattar was assassinated just a mile or two from me. I heard and felt that explosion. His brother, Abu Risha, has taken his place as leader of the Anbar Awakening, a group of Sheikh’s in the Anbar province who want peace.

Al Qaeda wants this new leader dead. That's their big push right now...per bin Laden's own words. If they assassinate him, it will just tick the people off even more and make the Sunnis here absolutely detest bin Laden and al Qaeda. That plan would backfire for them, but al Qaeda has no other better tactical or strategic option; the Sunnis in Anbar are cooperating with us. I think it's terrific that bin Laden (a Sunni) is being ostracized by the Anbar Awakening. He is a loser—and he's losing. That means we're winning! Isn't that great?

Secondly, Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen), the PA leader in the West Bank, has really created a division between his group Fatah and Hamas, which is mainly in the Gaza Strip. Bin Laden is also rooting for Hamas. There are parts of the West Bank that are pretty decent (as far as oppressed, terrorist-infested Third World enclaves go), but Gaza is just plain terrible. Anyway, I'm surprised Abu Mazen hasn't already been killed. What's keeping him alive? I think even the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade is in disagreement with Hamas. What a rift! That's what's keeping Abbas alive. …Interesting dynamics there.

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