Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hillary’s Nepotism

Yep, it’s true. A buddy of mine—a former Army Ranger who’s currently a Federal Air Marshal (FAM)—confirmed it. In 2004 when I had heard that a totally inexperienced, ruddy-faced kid had been hired to fill one of the most high profile, prestigious, undercover conjoint federal law enforcement-counterterrorism jobs in the country, it was difficult to believe.

If a FAM has to stop a criminal, emotionally disturbed person, or especially a group of committed suicidal terrorists on an airplane, the government needs the crème de la crème—the most experienced and most qualified operators. That’s why when the air marshal program spun up shortly after the 9/11 attacks, guys with special operations backgrounds in both military and law enforcement were sought after and hired. Delta Force operators, Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon, SWAT cops and other very experienced guys were hired quickly. If anyone could keep American’s safe in the post-9/11 not-so-friendly skies, these guys could.

Training was initially terse, shallow and quick. Those hired already had several years of experience behind them and they didn’t need a lot of training…except for this young kid who was given a HUGE favor by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Mike, the Army Ranger mentioned above, told me in early 2006 that this boy was given the job because he had served as an aide of some type on Senator Hillary Clinton’s staff. Mike said that this kid went through the initial training with him and that the former Clinton youth helper told Mike directly about the quid quo pro job link.

Come on! This kid was barely old enough to buy a gun let alone carry one concealed to protect the National Security of America and hundreds, even thousands of people! There’s no way he could have been hired otherwise. He had ZERO experience, shuffling papers for a U.S. Senator from New York aside.

Fortunately, ‘the kid’ with ‘The Clinton Connection’ soon got forced out, quit or fired from the nascent agency; he just wasn’t up to par. Duh! How in the world did he get hired in the first place then? Of course, I’m being sardonic, rhetorical and completely sarcastic here.

It’s one thing to unknowingly, tacitly or even blatantly hire a company that employs illegal immigrants to mow your lawn. It’s another thing entirely to go out of your way to use your position as a former First Lady and U.S. Senator to culpably, negligently engage in nepotism—especially when human lives and U.S. National Security are on the line!

Shame on her and shame on the corruptions and abuses at the Federal Air Marshal Service for that unethical and illegal action! But, alas, anyone who knows anything about the FAM Service under former Secret Service agent-turned FAMS Director Tom Quinn and the cronies he hired, as well as all the other messes, wouldn’t be surprised at all by this revelation.

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